Pallavi Sakharkar

Pallavi is a Media Enthusiast and has over 15 years of Corporate Experience in FOOD, BANKING, RETAIL Marketing handling Brands; Coffee Day, Pizza Hut, HSBC, Adlabs and few TV Channels.  She is a Writer, Social Entrepreneur and Internet technology enabler and psychology learner.  Extensive experience in branding, BTL activations, Brand Management and Sales Support functions as well as dynamic environments of extreme regional complexity across India has helped her to become 'Multi Solutions' person .  Innovation is her passion, and her track record includes managing All India Marketing LSM activations and Marketing Collaborations.  Content and Concept development is her Forte and she has been a Networking Geek who has networked across Indian and Foreign subcontinents for marketing work related to her field. You can connect with Pallavi on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram for Effective Marketing Collaborations. 

Ramdas Sonate

Ramdas is a Taciturn but a strategist and a Deep Thinker. Ramdas has a wide experience in distribution management for 13years and now heads Video Creation division at Growth Elephant.   A Technology aficionado, does a great degree of Editing and converts simple videos to fancy Video content that sells. Ramdas has travelled across Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh in India, Paris and South Africa for work assignments related. He works as a Distribution network Consultant for new and emerging FMCG brands as well.  Having experience from Companies such as ‘GODREJ’, ‘Bausch & Lomb’ and ‘Phillips Lights’ for together of 10+ years. Ramdas has a keen sense of FMCG industry working.   Ramdas can be contacted on 8850938101.   
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